Unveiling The Mysteries: The Art Of Calculating Odds And Probabilities In Texas Hold’em Poker

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If you’re aiming to make money out of playing Texas Hold’em Poker in an online casino like BetVisionSG, then you need to understand that poker games rely heavily on math – odds and probabilities. Although psychology also plays an important role when deciding the game, math is still the key element while you’re trying to compete with online poker algorithms.

As you join us at BetVisionSG Online Casino, we will also help you understand how to calculate odds and probabilities in Texas Hold’em Poker. We will also tackle your likelihood of receiving specific hands and your chances of winning. 

Texas Hold’em Poker: A Few Probability Basics

When you’re playing Hold’em at BetVisionSG and you want to determine the probabilities for each hand, then you should consider the number of cards in the deck and the number of cards you want to be dealt. So for example, if we were dealing one card at Texas Hold’em Poker:

  • Your chances of dealing a 7 of diamonds would be 1 out of 52 since there’s one 7 of diamonds in a deck of 52 cards.
  • Your odds of dealing with any Ace would be 4 out of 52 since there are four Aces in the standard deck.
  • Since there are 13 clubs on the deck of 52 cards, then your probability of dealing with any club in Texas Hold’em Poker would be 13 out of 52.
  • Actually, your chance of receiving any card randomly is 1 out of 52, not just the 7 of diamonds. This also applies to receiving any specific card value, like Kings, Queens, tens, fours, etc. (4 out of 52). The same goes for receiving any random suit, which is 13 out of 52.

So, when you join us at BetVisionSG Online Casino and you want to play at Texas Hold’em Poker – keep in mind that every card has the same chance of being dealt. Thus, there’s no favoritism in this game.

The Numbers Vary For Upcoming Cards Of Hold’Em

To know the probabilities of getting a pair of sevens when playing Hold’em Poker at BetVisionSG Online Casino, here it is…

  • Your probability of getting a 7 for the first card is 4 out of 52.
  • The odds of getting a 7 for the second card is 3 out of 51.

Here, you’ll notice your odds chances for a second card. That’s because after you receive the first card, it also means that there’s one less card in the deck. Additionally, since one 7 has already been dealt with, only three 7s are remaining in the deck.

With this knowledge, always try and take care of the numbers for future cards. As you play longer in the game, the numbers will fluctuate slightly.

Take Note: When you’re working out probabilities do keep in mind the following words:

“And” – whenever you see this, this means you need to multiply.

“Or” – whenever this word is used, this means you need to add it.

What’s Your Probability Of Being Dealt With 2 Exact Cards?

To compute your odds of being dealt two exact cards, you can do this: multiply the two probabilities together.

So, if you want to calculate the odds and probabilities of getting Ace of Hearts and King of Spade, this will be:

  • The odds of getting Ace of Hearts = 1/52
  • The odds of getting King of Spade = 1/51
  • Probability = (1/52) * (1/51) = 1/2652

Therefore, your probability of getting an Ace of Hearts and King of Spade would be 1/2652. As you may realize, this probability remains the same for any two specific cards, as the chance of receiving the Ace of Hearts and the King of Spades is the same as receiving a hand such as the 7 of clubs followed by the 3 of Spades in that order.

What’s Your Odds of Getting A Certain Hand?

Do you want to calculate the odds and probabilities of being dealt Ace And King, regardless of the suit? Simply follow the same process… multiply the probabilities of receiving each card together.

  • Probabilities of receiving an Ace, regardless of the suit = 4/52.
  • Probabilities of receiving A King, in any suit = 4/51. This happens because after we’ve been dealt an Ace, there are now 51 cards left.
  • Probability = (4/52) * (4/51) = 16/2652 = 1/166

What’s The Odds Of Receiving Various Sets Of Hands?

To do this, you must first calculate the odds for each specific hand and then add them up.

Let’s check your likelihood of being dealt either AA or KK. Have you noticed the “or” here? – It’s time to make some additions.

  • The probability of getting an AA: is 1/221. We get this by 4/52 * 3/51 = 1/221.
  • The probability of getting a KK – is 1/221. We get this from the equation of 4/52 * 3/51 = 1/221.
  • Probability of Receiving Various Sets Of Hands = (1/221) + (1/221) = 2/221 = 1/110

Win Big At Hold’Em Poker – Join Us At BetVisionSG Online Casino

Hopefully, this bit of information can help you understand the odds of various hands dealt before the flop in Texas Hold’em Poker. And if you’re ready to win big, join us at BetVisionSG Online Casino today to experience the best live poker games in Singapore.


What’s The Probability Of Getting A Pair in Poker?

Your odds of getting a pair as a hole card in Poker is about 5.88%.

What’s Your Probability Of Forming A Winning Hand In Texas Hold’Em Poker?

In this poker variant, you have a 7.46% chance of forming a winning hand on average.

What Are The Odds Of Forming A Royal Flush?

Your chance of getting a royal flush is 1 in 649,739. Out of the total 2,958,960 possible combinations, there are four royal flush hands.