Turbo Gaming

Tired of playing online slot games and is looking for some unique and interactive arcade games? Then, you shouldn’t miss Turbo Games offerings available at BetVision88 Singapore online casino. Turbo Gaming uses the latest technology to make their casino games super engaging, and they’re always coming up with new and exciting games to keep you coming back for more.

Who Is Turbo Games?

Founded in November 2020, Turbo Games is a leading provider of fair and future-oriented games, in partnership with the Hub88 integration platform. This top game provider specializes in creating high-quality and Provably Fair online games. Provably fairness is a way to ensure online gambling games are fair. It uses open-source blockchain technology works by using special mathematical calculations called cryptographic hashing.

Weekend Game Night

In March 2021, Turbo Games made its entry into the iGaming industry with the launch of its inaugural game — Crash X. It was a fresh start for Turbo Gaming when it started launching exciting instant games every month until they hit a big milestone in 2022. They got their first RNG certificate, showing their commitment to being open and fair. Since then, Turbo Games provider continued launching 10 more games, with Aero becoming the biggest hit.

Turbo Gaming Products

To keep their classic games fresh, this Turbo Gaming provider always gives their game with new themes, making them even more enjoyable. More than just slot games and classic table games, BetVision88 is now offering Turbo Games.

Crash X

This Turbo Games offering is one of the most popular and provably fair games today. As the game begins, you will witness a spectacular visual display of a rocket hurtling through space. Then, the multiplier will start at an initial value of x1 and increase to infinity. In this game, you’ll be challenged on how high you can go until you want to cash out before the rocket crashes. So, if you ever get bored playing slots online, then you may want to check out these exciting games at BetVision88.


Turbo Games introduces an innovative twist on their classic crash gameplay mechanics with Aero. Aero offers a unique feature that allows prizes to multiply up to an incredibly high level of x999,999. In addition to this, the game offers a range of additional in-game options, including:

  • Autoplay mode — allows you to automate your gameplay. In this mode, you can customize various settings, such as the number of rounds you want to play, and can even stop the game at any win.
  • Claim Free Bets — this is a built-in feature of Aero that allows you to request a free bet if promotions are available on the platform.


Inspired by the traditional Minesweeper games, this Turbo Games product provides a simple yet interesting game with great rewards. You only have to look for as many diamonds as possible while dodging the mines. And for each diamond you uncover, the multiplier will go up. As you progress and unlock each diamond, you have the option to cash out your winnings or keep on playing in the hopes you’ll never encounter a mine. 

Why Play At Turbo Gaming Casinos?

Here at BetVision88, you can discover excellent gameplay and immerse yourself in the exciting offerings of Turbo Games. Beyond providing an exciting and innovative gaming experience, you also stand a chance to reap huge prizes. In addition, Turbo Games specially developed their games with their players in mind and made them available to play in different languages like English, Russian, French, Japanese, Spanish, Turkish, and Korean.


Overall, Turbo Games truly offers something unique that you won’t usually find from many other online casino game providers. Aside from their games being filled with great ideas and themes, Turbo Gaming was also able to showcase their strong levels of innovation. If you are a little curious about what Turbo Games is offering, go ahead and visit BetVision88 and see for yourself how amazing of a developer is Turbo Games. You’ll surely be surprised and maybe a little obsessed with their offerings.  

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