Even though baseball hasn’t reached the same level of popularity as football or basketball has, this team sport boasts a huge fan base in Singapore. In fact, baseball betting in Singapore is becoming more popular at trusted online betting sites today. Since this sport has a fixed regular season, unlike other sports betting markets, so even if there is no major tournament for baseball, alternatively, you can still place bets on minor leagues.

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A Quick Look Back In The History Of Baseball

The rich history of baseball started during the American Civil War which draws inspiration from the British game “Rounders”. The first baseball team was organized in 1845, but it was not until the late nineteenth century that this team sport gained widespread popularity. Then, in the early 1900s, baseball began to flourish. After the massive decline in popularity during the “Black Sox”, Babe Ruth came to the rescue and revived the game in 1920 by hitting more home runs by himself than by whole teams. Then in 1940, baseball emerged in popularity as a major sport outside the United States.

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Major League Baseball (MLB)

Started in 1903, Major League Baseball is considered one of the oldest league competitions for baseball in North America. This premier baseball league consists of thirty teams wherein, the clubs are split between the National League and the American League.

Additionally, the MLB has three seasons in a year, so you can rest assured that you will have something to look forward to when you plan to participate in baseball betting in Singapore. First up is the Spring Training where the baseball team is participating in the combined event of exhibition games and regular practices. Then comes the regular season, where all the baseball teams compete with each other to get into the playoffs. Lastly is the playoffs, where it serves as the big showdown in this most-celebrated baseball event. Here, the best baseball teams from the regular season are battling it out for the championship.

So, if you’re into baseball betting, MLB is a year-round opportunity to follow and bet on baseball matches at trusted online betting sites in Singapore like BetVision88.

World Series of Baseball

The World Series of Baseball is a special event that happens after the playoffs of the Major League Baseball tournament, wherein it brings together all the winners from the two playoff tournaments to compete against each other. Then, the final champion will be decided by a series of up to seven games between these two teams.

With the World Series, even after the MBL playoffs have concluded, you can still get in on the excitement of baseball betting in Singapore. Similarly, WSB offers punters a great chance to continue enjoying the baseball hype as well as maybe even win some bets at BetVision88.

World Baseball Classic (WBC)

All baseball fans know that MLB is operating in the same structure used in the FIFA World Cup. The only difference is that the World Baseball Classic is a global baseball tournament that is managed by the World Baseball Softball Confederation.

World Baseball Softball Confederation (WBSC) Premier12

The WBSC Premier 12 is a global baseball competition that is held annually and features the twelve highest-ranked national baseball teams from around the world. WBSC Premier12 also serves as a platform to showcase the teams’ skills and talent in fierce competition. At the same time, this baseball competition also acts as a great opportunity for Singaporean punters to enjoy baseball betting.

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Among other team sports, baseball offers the best opportunity for online sports betting. Fortunately, odds for baseball generally center on goals scored and are accessible at trusted online betting sites like BetVision88.

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