Volleyball Betting In Singapore

Volleyball is a team sport that has always been loved by many people. And in Singapore, it’s not just about playing; volleyball fans also enjoy volleyball betting, too! Not surprisingly, volleyball is also quite popular among Singaporean punters to place bets on main volleyball tournaments at top online sportsbooks like BetVision88. Furthermore, countries like the USA, Brazil, Russia, as well as Singapore hold a deep love for this game. While the fan base may not match that of other sports like football and basketball, there are many tournaments worldwide that offer a perfect opportunity for volleyball betting.

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A Brief History About Volleyball

Founded in the United States in 1895, Volleyball has a rich history that roots back to William G. Morgan’s desire to create an indoor team sport with less physical contact than basketball. With this in mind, Morgan created games as a blend of basketball, baseball, tennis, and handball.

Originally, the game was called “mintonette”, then it evolved into volleyball that we know today because of the nature of the game wherein players volleying/rallying the ball over the net. Since then, this game quickly spread and became popular throughout the globe and was even introduced in the Olympics in 1964. Over the years, team sport has changed remarkably – with new rules and format changes.

Tournaments Available For Volleyball Betting In Singapore

FIVB World Cup

Founded in 1965, this global volleyball competition was initially exclusive to male players only. But in 1973, organizers allowed women to join in the FIVB World Cup competition when they recognized the developing landscape of the sport.  Since then, the FIVB World Cup has transformed into a highly esteemed volleyball championship. With its fast-paced nature, intense rallies, and strategic gameplay, it’s not surprising that volleyball has been a popular sport for fans to wager on. At BetVision88, you can place different bets for each match at the FIVB World Cup like betting on match results, set betting, handicap betting, or total points.

Olympic Games

When volleyball was included in the Olympic Games in 1965, it made an interesting debut globally and its exposure not only brought honor to the sport but also helped enhance its fame. If you’re into volleyball betting, you may place moneyline bets, handicap bets, volleyball total sets, or point spread bets on the team you are supporting on the Olympics.

FIVB World Championship

Established in 1949, the FIVB World Championship is one of the most celebrated competitions for men’s and women’s volleyball worldwide. Not to mention that many punters in Singapore who love sports betting also get into the action during the FIVB World Championship.

FIVB Volleyball World League

Founded in 1990, the FIVB Volleyball World League was organized by the international volleyball governing body and was considered one of the top competitions globally. The tournament had three pools, each with 12 teams. But in 2018, everything changed, the World League was replaced by the World Championship, World Grand Champions Cup, and World Cup.

What Are The Market Preferences For Volleyball Betting?

Team Performance —  When you are planning to bet on volleyball, you must consider first how the team performs before you place a bet on them. Smart bettors are closely analyzing the team’s recent form, consistency, winning streaks, and of course, the head-to-head records of the players.

Player’s Injuries And Absences  —The player’s presence and absence are also a factor that can affect the market preferences of many bettors. For volleyball betting, you must also consider the impact of the player’s injuries and suspensions that may impact the team’s overall performance.

Home-court Advantage  —This is also an important factor that impacts the betting choice of many bettors.

Tournament Importance  — this can also affect the betting choice of many bettors.

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