Tennis Betting In Singapore

Tennis is a fun inclusive sport that both men and women love playing. Then, it has grown in popularity over time because it is open to all, unlike soccer and basketball. Tennis not only provides never-ending fun, but it also presents an excellent chance to wager on a variety of events all year long.

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A Brief History Of Tennis

Tennis has a fascinating history that goes way back and started in the 12th century in Medieval France wherein the monks from a French monastery played this game by using their hands to hit the ball. In the 16th century, this game became popular among the royalties in Europe where they specially built fancy courts in their grand estates. Since then, the game has changed remarkably throughout the years — with new rules and equipment.

Tennis Betting Tournaments Available In Singapore

Australian Open

This is a prestigious tennis competition that has happened yearly in Melbourne, Australia since 1988. The Australian Open is the first of four big tournaments for tennis and usually starts things up and sets the stage for tennis betting in January.

At BetVision88, the best tennis betting site in Singapore, you can place bets on singles matches, doubles, mixed doubles, junior matches, and even wheelchair matches. So, if you’re into tennis or just love betting on sports at an online sportsbook in Singapore, the Australian Open is one of the best games to watch and bet on.

French Open (Roland Garros)

Also known as Roland Garros, the French Open is a big tennis betting competition that happens every year (typically held in late May or early June) in the city of love — Paris, France. It’s also a great two-week tennis betting event that Singaporeans are waiting for to place bets in singles, doubles, and mixed doubles events.


Wimbledon is considered the major and most prestigious tennis competition worldwide, that is yearly in the charming neighborhood of Wimbledon in London, England. In addition, Wimbledon is also one of the four major Grand Slam tournaments (Australian Open, French Open, US Open).

US Open

The US Open, the final Grand Slam event of the tennis calendar, happens annually in New York City on the hard courts at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center. It usually lasts two weeks — from late August until early September.

If you’re into sports betting online in Singapore, make sure to add this event to your calendar. You can place bets on the five main events of the US Open such as men’s singles, women’s singles, men’s doubles, women’s doubles, or mixed doubles.

Different Betting Types For Tennis

Here are the main types of tennis bets you can access at the best sports betting sites in Singapore:

Outright Bets

This type of tennis bet is focused on the tournament’s final results, wherein, you are typically predicting who will win the next Grand Slam.

  • Tournament winner
  • Each Way

Match Odds

A great deal of tennis betting activity at BetVision88 revolves around match odds. Before a match starts and often even during play, you can place a wager on the tennis match odds. Place bets on:

  • Match winner
  • Correct score
  • Total match games
  • Handicaps

Live Tennis Betting

When it comes to live tennis betting, BetVision88 allows you to fully engage in the excitement, even if you’re only betting on your mobile. You can place bets like:

  • The winner of the next game
  • Point betting
  • Aces
  • To win a set
  • The game goes to deuce
  • Total points per game

BetVision88: The Tennis Betting Sites In Singapore

Tennis might not always steal the spotlight the way football and basketball do. But tennis betting is actually one of the best sports to wager on in an online sportsbook in Singapore like BetVision88. And if you’re after a sport that’s all about focus and intensity, then tennis betting in Singapore is the one for you. So why wait? Join the grand slam action at the best sports betting site in Singapore — BetVision88!

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