Become A BetVision88 Affiliate Today!

Been wanting to enjoy playing online casino games while also taking advantage of the opportunity to make money through commissions? BetVision88 is thrilled to invite you to join our affiliate program. When you become our affiliate partner, you can potentially earn up to an incredible 40% commission rate by promoting our brand.

100% Starter Pack Bonus

Why Choose BetVision88’s Affiliate Program?

BetVision88 stands out as a customer-oriented betting platform and we are dedicated to putting our customers on top of everything we do. Here’s why you should make BetVision88 your preferred gaming destination:

  • Variety of Gaming Products (Sports, Live Casino, Slots, and Fishing)
  • Customer-Centric Approach
  • Competitive Promotional Offers
  • Dedicated 24/7 Customer Support
  • Security and Reliability
  • Licensed and Regulated

BetVision88 As An Affiliate Partner

As a BetVision88 affiliate partner, you have become part of a community where your success is our priority.

Dedicated Affiliate Team: We have a dedicated Affiliates team that is in charge for managing and servicing our affiliates. They will ensure that our affiliate partners are well-guided on BetVision88 marketing tools and address any concerns about commission shares.

Competitive Commission Rates: Benefit from highly competitive commission rates, starting at an initial 25% and scaling up to an impressive 40% Commission Share.

No Minimum Withdrawal: Enjoy flexibility with no minimum withdrawal requirements, therefore, you can access your earnings conveniently.

Sub-Affiliate Program: Invite friends and acquaintances (excluding relatives) to become sub-affiliates, wherein, you can also earn extra commission through their referrals.

Multiple Currencies: BetVision88 offers three different currencies for transactions.

How To Get Started:

  • Register. Click here to access the Affiliate Registration tab. Fill in the required account information to create your affiliate account.
  • Refer Player. Start your BetVision88 Affiliate journey immediately upon acceptance. Utilize the provided tools to effortlessly refer friends and acquaintances.
  • Get Rewards. Enjoy timely rewards with up to a 40% Commission Rate on all your Referred Players.

Commission Structure

Revenue Share Commission Rate
Referred Member’s Loss/Net RevenueTotal Active PlayersCommission Rate
1 & Above>= 540%

How It Works:

  1. As a BetVision88 affiliate partner, you will start at a 40% initial commission rate as long as you reach the required total Active Players and Net Revenue. Thus, the more active players and revenue you bring in, the higher your rate climbs.
  2. We will review how you’re actively referring players for each month and your rate may go up or down based on your performance.
  3. All our affiliate partners are also subject to promotion/bonus costs, wherein, we deduct costs like promotional bonuses, transaction fees, risk and fraud fees, and royalty fees.
  4. If you end up in the red and have negative revenues incurred for any given month, it will be carried over to the month after.
  5. For referral commission payments, you will get paid in the currency you choose (SGD, MYR, or VND) every first 7 working days of the month. Additionally, you can also choose if you want your money to go through in your bank account or on your member account.
  6. For players or affiliates who engage in collusion or any other fraudulent activity, BetVision88 will take appropriate action toward them. The BetVision88 Affiliate Team reserves the right to withhold funds or remove a player and/or affiliate’s account from the recorded list.
  7. If an affiliate fails to consistently promote BetVision88 by not generating new signups or removing marketing materials from their website, it will be considered a breach of contract. As a result, the agreement between BetVision88 and its affiliate will be terminated automatically and any claims for future revenue shares will be considered void.

Join BetVision88‘s Affiliate Program and let’s build a successful partnership together! For any inquiries or additional information, feel free to contact us through:

Whatsapp: +639604376351
Telegram: @CSBetvision

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