How to Play Sports Betting in Singapore?

Many people, especially Singaporeans are looking for articles on how to play sportsbook betting in Singapore. Many websites have this information, but not all of them are capable of giving an in-depth look into how to read football odds.

Here at BetVision88, we want to make sure everyone bets responsibly, as well as have full knowledge of what they are betting for on the online site. Once you know how to play sports betting in Singapore.

How to do Sports Betting in Singapore

Sports betting has become a major pastime of many Singaporeans, players and enthusiasts alike. While enjoying their favourite sport, be it football, soccer, basketball, or whatever sport it may be, they also are keen on the thrill of winning real money as a result of the outcome of the sport.

This is where sports betting comes in. When you talk about the field of sports betting, you are talking about the art of choosing the winning bet amongst all the options and Singapore betting odds available. The betting options are very often carefully determined and calculated by different bookies found in the world, and they have drawn these up as a result of mathematical computations over several hours. More often than not, these bookies give you the answer to the question of how to do sports betting in Singapore.

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Online Sports Betting in Singapore

Online sports betting in Singapore is one of the most engaging and thrilling experience players will have. Due to several laws, many online sports betting sites are not allowed, but the rules around these laws are still lax. When people are looking at where to deposit, wager and withdraw their money, they make sure to support a credible brand. Many online sports betting in Singapore sites do not provide everything that a player needs, and lack both the early and live betting odds that usually entice online gamers. These odds bring in a large profit for every unit of money, That is why BetVision88 is here to give you all that the players are looking for when it comes to sportsbook, odds, and figures that could translate into great money.

Best Practices on How To Win at Singapore Sports Betting

Before anything else. all players must understand that sports betting is not an instant money-making scheme. Bets won’t always be correctly predicted, and your money had just been lost However, if you want to win at Singapore sports betting, here are some quick tips to get around that:

  • First of all, you have to know the different betting types present on a specific website. (i.e. Asian Handicap, 1×2, Over/Under (These betting types will be explained in-depth below). Learn what makes each of the betting types are different from each other.
  • Research the teams of the leagues you are playing against! Make sure that you have information on what are the players’ stats, performance, and overall team quality! This is important information, as slight changes in the team’s composition affect the performance of the team.
  • Ensure that you have enough funds to get you going! Most players tend to have less when they start, but as they gain experience, their level of confidence rises! Thus, this equates to better gambling decisions on Singapore live betting odds.
  • Trust your instinct! Sometimes, the biggest winners come from this! The instinct can dictate whatever is going to happen in the flow of the match. So trusting them is the best solution.
  • Enjoy and bet patiently! Most football matches end in 90 plus minutes, so you need a lot of patience to see whether your wager would win or not. For example, here at BetVision88 , are Singapore multiple odds available, don’t limit yourself to just one!

How do Odds Work in Football?

One of the things you will come across in sports betting is sports odds. Around the world, these odds, especially football odds, are wagered on by millions of people. By guessing the correct outcome, every individual has a chance to win huge amounts of money. However, if they lose, it could be a loss on their part, but the amount goes to the betting company, which then earns from the amount wagered.

Losing in betting usually happens if a person doesn’t know how to read football odds. They sometimes just see the odds figure is high, and automatically bet on it, hoping they will get lucky. But when they lose, they learn their lesson. But also, some play safe and bet a small amount. And when they see their team win by a huge margin, they will regret not betting higher. So, to win effectively in football, especially here at BetVision88 you need to be familiar with the Singapore football odds.

Odds are determined by the bookmakers. They usually figure this out from mathematical computations, records of athletes, recent game performances, and individual statistics. Sports odds such as soccer odds are not mere guesses; they are scientifically and mathematically calculated by persons specifically trained in sports science. Thus they can come up with the figures you usually see whenever you are doing your sports betting.

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Different Types of Odds

When betting on odds, remember that there are different types of it. They are usually classified as fractional, decimal and American. Keep in mind that these odds are just different ways of presenting and they make no difference in the payout. Before this becomes confusing for you, allow us to explain in greater detail:

  • Fractional Odds – This type of betting is popular among British and Irish bookies. They are written with a slash or a hyphen. This is equivalent to a ratio. For example, in a 7/1 ratio, you win $7 for every $1 you wager if your bet wins. The higher the first number in the fraction, and the lower the second number (7/1 compared to 14/12 the bigger payout you will get if your wager wins.For example, for the FIFA World Cup, Brazil, England and France received the following odds:
    • Brazil: 13/14
    • England: 7/3
    • France: 5/1

    In this example, Brazil is seen as the favoured team, while the other teams have odds that are longer. So for Brazil, one will win $13 for every $14 bet; for England, you could get $7 for each $3 bet, and $5 for every $1 bet for France.

    When you bet $100 on Brazil, you will win $100 x 13/14= $92.86 on your bet. You will also win back the $100 you wagered, making the total amount that you won $192.86. If you placed your $100 on England and you won, you get a profit of $100 x 7/3 = $233.33, for a total payout of $333.33. Lastly, if you were successful in your bet on France, you get a profit of $500, for a total payout of $600. Thus, betting on the underdog team while going against the Singapore football odds will give you a bigger payout when you win.

  • American Odds – American odds or moneyline odds are denoted in negative and positive numbers. A negative sign before a number means that you have to stake that number to win $100. On the other hand, a positive sign means that you have to wager $100 to win that equivalent amount. The negative number is assigned to the favoured team, while the positive number goes to the underdog.Let’s say, for example, there is a match between Barcelona and Atletico Madrid La Liga. The match has these online soccer betting odds:
    • Atletico Madrid: -820
    • Barcelona: + 570

    In this match, Atletico Madrid is the favourite, which is why they were assigned the negative sign. Barcelona, on the other hand, is considered the underdog so they get a positive sign. Using these odds, you would need to bet $820 on Atletico Madrid so that you would win $100. If they do win, your total payout would be $820+$100 or $900.On the other hand, if you go for Barcelona, betting $100 would win you $570 if you are successful. In this case, your total payout would be $570 +$100 = $600. Also, the bigger the difference between the odds, the larger the implication that the favoured team will win.

  • Decimal Odds – This type of sports betting odds is easier to understand. These types are commonly used as the Asian and Singapore bet type, whether for Asian handicap, over/under and !x2The numbers simply represent how much you will earn for every $1 successfully wagered. For example, if the odds are 2.45, and you bet $100, you would win a total payout of $245. This is a bigger amount than your original wager of $100, so when you subtract that amount, it shows that you made a profit of $145 on your bet.For instance, in a game between Chelsea and Arsenal, these are the following Singapore EPL odds assigned by one of the sports betting providers on our website:
    • Chelsea: 1.25
    • Arsenal: 1.95

    Betting $100 on Chelsea to win will give you $125, with a profit of $25 on your bet if you are successful. On the other hand, putting a $100 wager on Arsenal will win you $195 if they win. On top of your original $100 wager, you earn $95.

Now that we know more about the sports betting odds, we will now discuss the Singapore multiple odds one comes across when exploring our website for web betting.

Singapore Sports Betting Guide

Sports betting has many facets covered. Ranging from different sporting avenues up to all the sports in the world, it tackles many styles of betting that are practised widely. Here are the major bets from the Singapore soccer bet type guide that you will need:

  • Asian Handicap

    Asian Handicap is one of the best and well-accepted forms of betting in the world, especially with soccer betting online. Originating from Indonesia, and originally known as hang cheng, it is a form of Asian betting that gives a more even disposition when betting on competing teams. It has a system of lines incrementing to 0.25 to give teams several advantages and disadvantages over the others. This allows the bettor to think on which team is the best to bet on depending on the available betting lines for that game. This flexibility allows for more freedom in sports betting. You can, at times, bet on the weaker team to get a winning advantage on your bet despite the team losing in the actual match. Here are some commonly used lines in the Asian Handicap (A.H.) for Singapore soccer betting odds:

    • 0 A.H – This handicap adds no value to both teams. Both sides will start with a 0 goal advantage over the other. If the match results in a draw, the bettor will be refunded.
    • 25 A.H – This handicap allows teams to have a quarter of a goal added or subtracted from their initial score. A stronger team is subtracted by 0.25, while a weaker team is given the same amount.
    • 50 A.H – Same as the previous handicaps, but with a higher number to be added to the number of goals of a team. It’s exactly half a goal to be exact.
    • 75 A.H – This is practically the same direction as the previously mentioned handicaps. Teams are given or subtracted 3 quarters of a goal depending on which team is the stronger.
    • 1 A.H – This handicap adds or subtracts a goal from the club at the start of the match. Just like in the previous, one goal is subtracted a stronger team is subtracted one goal then a weaker team gets added a goal.
    • 25 A.H – Same as the previously mentioned handicaps and with the same goal of adding or subtracting goals on which team is stronger or weaker.

    According to Singaporean betting odds, the Asian Handicap grows in increments of 0.25: the higher the number, the more goals are added or subtracted. This handicap is determined by bookies on how dominant a team is, or how well they are performing. This betting style allows freedom and flexibility of choice, as the scenarios differ with every handicap. If a stronger team is given a -1.25 handicap, they will lose if they did not get more than a one-goal lead. If a losing team draws the match and given a +1.25 handicap, the bettor would then win! So even if the team loses by one goal, the bet will still win, thus giving opportunities for bettors to bet on those teams! Without a doubt, it is still considered a well-made and intricate system for Singapore live betting odds!

  • Over/Under Betting System

    The over/under bet is one of the easiest betting styles for players. The goal of the Over/Under bet is to guess if the total goals of the match are above or below the specific goals/points in the selected bet. For example, the over/under bet for a Manchester United v Liverpool match is 2.5 goals. The Singapore EPL odds for the over 2.5 bet is 1.93, while the under 2.5 is 1.87. If you wager $100 on the over bet and the final score is 2-2 (the scoreline is over 2.5), you win 1.93 x $100 or $193. If alternately, you wager the same amount on the under bet, and the final score is 0-1 (below 2.5), you win 1.87 x 100, or $187. If you lose the soccer bet online, you simply lose the money. Easy to understand, isn’t it? However, the over-under system can still be tricky, and bettors need to have a good premonition of how the score will end.

  • 1X2

    This Singapore pool football bet odds 1×2 betting style is one of the most well-known betting systems. In this betting system, there are three outcomes, and a right guess on one of those outcomes will result in the person collecting the amount multiplied by the odds. 1 is a win for home, X means a draw, and 2 is a win for away. It is fairly easy to understand and it is normally used in football betting around the world. Essentially, you have a one in three (1:3) chance of winning such a bet, which is less than the over/under and Asian handicap.

    For example, the odds are listed like this:

    • Manchester City: 1.12
    • MLiverpool: 7.98
    • MDraw: 5.86

    Next, you are allowed to bet $100, and you are allowed to choose one of the three outcomes. If you pick Manchester City (1) and they win, you win a total of $100 x 1.12 = $214, for a profit of $114. If you wager on Liverpool (2) and are successful, you will win $100 x $7.98 = $798 in total, giving you a profit of $ 698. Lastly, if you guess the result will be a draw (X) and bet $100 on it, you win $100 x 5.86 = $586 in total, for a profit of $486.

    As you can see, there is a large difference in the payouts in this example. If you bet on Liverpool and are successful, you will get the largest payday of all the choices available. However, you also have to remember that if you lose, you will not only not win the amount indicated, you also lose your stakes to the betting company. So, before you make your wager, make sure you have a good understanding of the Singapore football odds. Wagering a bet could spell the difference between a huge payday, or all of your money going to the betting company.

  • Mix Parlay

    Often known as a “Parley Bet” in Singapore sports betting, this betting style is loosely associated with betting on multiple teams. This means that a player would bet on multiple teams in a single bet. It is usually applied in multiple team matches such as football, basketball, and even baseball.

    This type of bet pays out well, but there is a catch: all bets should win! If one of the parts of the mix parlay losses, the bet would lose. To win in a mixed parlay, you need to find trustworthy online sports betting guides that would guarantee your victory! All punters, may they be a beginner or long-time player, would still need experience when it comes to playing mix parlay. It is easy to mix up and create confusion. That is why, if a bet is won with a mix parlay, it is cause for a joyous celebration, as it is an amazing feat!

Singapore Sports Betting – Where to Bet?

Many websites on the internet can give you all the needs when it comes to sports gambling. However, BetVision88 sets itself apart as a website that boasts a high-quality Singapore sports betting experience! So, what exactly are the highlights of having BetVision88 as your main Singapore sports betting site? Take a look at the benefits our sports betting can offer you :

  • Extensive 24/7 customer service support via email, chat and messenger
  • Fast Withdrawal and Deposit Transactions through secure technology
  • Wide variety of featured sports, matches, and leagues
  • Fair, scientific odds that are updated in real-time
  • Multiple options on where to place Singapore bets
  • Other games to offer while players wait

Singapore Sports Betting – What Sports Do Singaporeans Follow?

When it comes to sports, no other sport captures the hearts of Singaporeans more than football. They watch almost every league and they follow the sport with all passion and support! Without a doubt, the league they follow the most is the English Premier League. This league is the premier football league in the U.K; however, it is made up of the best players in the world, coming from every different country! IT features the likes of Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal and many more! They also follow closely their local football league! Their national team competes at the yearly Asian Football Confederation tournament, wherein they compete for qualification to the FIFA World Cup! Also, Singaporeans are loyal to their teams as they always wear the same colours of the team they would support!

Online Sports Betting Guides at BetVision88 

BetVision88 features many guides when it comes to different types of games! But one of our highlights at our Winning Vision blog is to provide players tips, tricks, and previews of different sports betting activities. Our football or soccer tips section is updated daily to provide your next winning tips! Winning Vision also has different features if you want other games such as fishing, slots, and live casino! Our online sports betting guides are here to further your gaming experience alongside our amazing live casino tips and tricks!

Brief Sportsbook Introduction

Since the beginning of time, sports have been part of people and past times. Together with the rise of different sports, many people started to get hooked on placing bets. This comes in many forms and has developed throughout the years. One of the most prominent advances in the field is the creation of Bookmakers or Bookies. These people are the one who decides what are the betting chances and odds to a specific competitor. This initially started with horses and moved on to more and different sporting events. In the dawn of technology, bookies have evolved as well and led to the creation of the online sporting and football sportsbook.

What is Sportsbook?

A sportsbook is a provider of betting options for players around the world. It mostly consists of all the games that you can imagine. From football, soccer, basketball, and more, a sportsbook gives beginner players and professionals to explore different sporting events around the globe. Sportsbook Singapore options are present in many online betting websites. These online options for players are open 24/7! So if you are looking for your next sportsbook Singapore option, BetVision88 can be your next go-to option!

Singapore Online Sportsbook

Many types of Singapore Online Sportsbook could be found online. It could be played by whoever has access to any internet service or a device with a connection! This online sportsbook in Singapore is known to provide joy and fun to all! At times, these services also give more to the customers when it comes to placing bets! When betting in sports, there are many aspects and betting options present to all players. Here are some of the most prolific options that you can bet on!

  • Asian Handicap – This style of betting is known for its flexibility. The Asian Handicap gives opposing teams an advantage or a disadvantage whenever you are placing your bet. This makes the competition more even and allows players to make a better betting decision with different increments such as 0.25, 0.50, and so on.
  • 1X2 – Known as the three-way bet, players can bet on whichever side they feel would win, may it be Home, Away, or draw! It is a direct reflection of the result of a match.
  • Over/Under – A betting option to see whether the total goals would end up above or below a specific number of goals.
  • Side Bets – Many sportsbooks provide this to players who want to get more out of every bet! At times, these come in the form of who scores the first point, the number of total goals, prediction of line-ups, and many more!

Live Sportsbook in Singapore

Of course, you cannot forget the Live Sportsbook in Singapore options that players can get! As many matches are going on daily, Live betting is also a good way to get some good winnings in! You can follow the action while choosing the best possible outcome in every decision! This is why sportsbook in Singapore provide options to further explore any betting opportunity.

Some of the most noted live sportsbooks in Singapore include WBET and UG. Depending on your location, you also have Saba and eSports betting sites, which gives you multiple choices for a payout. You need to choose your bet wisely, though, because even if the odds are high and the payout is good—if you don’t get the result you predicted, you may not see again you money you wagered.

Online Sportsbook Singapore Preparations

In every bet made, there is always a winner and a loser. Online Sportsbook Singapore sites always provide players with the best possible outcome they can imagine in every way possible. These options are not just there to be guessed. It is a well-crafted and studied system that enables and provides information in the best way to give all players the satisfaction of winning! That is why you have to remember to always check on every possible outcome that you can assume. Study every team well, check variations in the moods, and previous results to ensure a better chance of winning! A prepared player will be able to make the best guesses that lead to big payouts after the bet has been made.

Singapore Football Betting in Asia

Asians are devoted sports fans. With any kind of sport, they have a certain thing associated with it. Others prefer basketball, volleyball, and so much more. But the southeast Asians are avid followers of soccer leagues in the west. With this dedication to the sport, they also have associated another aspect that the world loves, Football betting.

Singapore Football Betting – An Overview

Like any other football betting options out there, Singapore football betting works the same. It brings the same level of intensity as the other football betting options out there. It uses the same betting systems as well as the type of odds used. These types of Singapore football betting online odds work the same as the others. The consensus is that many of these options make it possible for players to have a diverse pool of choices beyond the 1×2. For instance, the Asian Handicap is a popular choice for all whose looking for other odds that would be possible within a game. The Asian Handicap enables players to bet on several options that make the game start on an even ground. Typically the weaker team is given an advantage, and the stronger team is given a disadvantage.

How Does Soccer Betting Work in Singapore?

Soccer betting works in a variety of ways. As online betting is restricted, many operators in Singapore operate within those strict implementations. The rules then are bound within the country. But the options overseas for online gambling are tremendous! They offer the same level of flexibility and availability that the local Singapore online football betting has to offer! The never-ending customer service is even more impeccable compared to the others.

Singapore Online Football Betting – Where to Play?

If you are looking for a place to get on and get started on your online betting journey, BetVision88 is the place to be! With all the possible options and providers in the platform, the room for making a mistake surely is lessened if you know where to place your bet! BetVision88 also provides players with weekly tips, winning teams, and news on what is up and coming for the world of online football betting in Singapore!

How to Win in Soccer Betting in Singapore?

There are many things to consider when making a winning bet in different soccer games in the world. Mostly, the factors that players need to take account of are the different winning and betting options, as well as the team’s current performance. Here are some tips to make a big winning bet:

  • Ensure the team is doing well this season – A good performing team always is a good bet. Examples of these teams include Manchester City from the EPL, Juventus in Serie A, Bayern Munich in Bundesliga, Real Madrid in La Liga, Paris Saint-Germain in Ligue 1 and many more. Such teams can get you a good winning chance.
  • Take note of the handicaps – If the current performance of the team is on par with the handicap given, that also is a good bet. For example, Liverpool scores an average of 2.52 goals for each game in the EPL. This means that if they are given a -1 Asian Handicap, chances are if the opposite team gets 0 goals, it equates to a winning bet.
  • Player Injuries – Sometimes, the best players of a team are out of the game. This is critical as they play a crucial role in the overall team play.
  • Betting Limits – To win big, check out what are the betting limits for a specific handicap. A confident bet at times has a low betting limit, take note of the best balance between a good handicap and a better limit on the bet.

Those tips will make the players bet worthwhile. A high-risk bet is good, but of course, constant winnings on reasonable betting is essential in raking in all the winning bets! So remember to always make the best decision before finalizing everything.

What is Singapore Odds Soccer?

Singapore odds soccer gives you many different choices available for players to bet on. Simply, there are different odd types available for the everyday player. May it be Malaysian, Indonesia, Hong Kong, even European, the different soccer betting odds available for long time patrons, as well as newbies, are massive.

Some of these betting options are available as well to every game or football match imaginable. From the Premier League, Serie A, Bundesliga, AFC, and many more. Many players are looking for applicable football betting odds for their game of choice, and the good thing is, it is available 24/7!

Payment and Withdrawal Banking Options

The best part about going to BetVision88 for betting on current football odds is guessing the result correctly and taking home the money as a result! Of course, if you are going to use the money for your betting, you would also have to know how to deposit and withdraw the money. If you have easy banking options, it would not be hard for you to play and also put your money. The method of payment that you have to use is supposed to be secure. You also have to know the sites that are accepting the Singapore dollar.

Furthermore, like other betting and live casino sites, there are various payment methods supported by BetVision88. These include the following:

  • Banks
  • Bank Transfers
  • eWallets (Skrill, Neteller)

Bonuses for Sports Online Bettors

We here at BetVision88 know that you love sports; that’s why to make your odds betting enjoyable, we have special promos that will help you grow your profits as you gamble! If you’re betting for the first time, you should know that many betting sites offer options for welcome bonuses, reload bonuses and so much more. These bonuses help in accelerating profits and payouts, making your gameplay ideal for betting.

Here at BetVision88, we have the 100% First Bet Cashback promo on all 5 major leagues. If you are a new member, you can get back the cash that you have put on any Singapore football odds for either Asian Handicap/Over Under/1×2 in any of the 5 biggest leagues (English Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga or Ligue 1). All you have to do is contact any of our customer service representatives via LiveChat, WhatsApp or Telegram. Once this is verified, they will issue you your cashback bonus.

Another sports betting promo we have for money withdrawal is the Sports 10% reload bonus. Open exclusively to BetVision88 members, this promo can be applied once a week, and the turnover amount is (Deposit amount + Bonus amount) x 10 times turnover to withdraw the money. For instance, if you deposit 100, you need to have a turnover of (100+10)x10=1100 so that you could make the withdrawal.

We Bring Sports Betting to You!

BetVision88 is gambling and live casino dedicated to bringing you the maximum gaming experience, whether it be Singapore sports betting, online casino rooms with card tables/sic bo/roulettes, or challenging your abilities through slots and fishing games. As long as you invest moderately, and wager and gamble responsibly, you will experience maximum enjoyment in your winning, while getting huge, safe and secure payouts. Our customer service agents are also on hand 24/7 to assist you with your concerns, and help you use the perks and promos of BetVision88 to your advantage. Your love for everything sports and football will only grow when you spend it with us!

Bringing gaming to you!

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