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Online Live Casino in Singapore is wide and well-known! Many Singaporeans play in the traditional brick and mortar Casinos that they were used to. It is part of their past time and is enjoyed by many around the country. Online Casino is one of the many innovations in the modern times as it is one of the ways that brought the traditional casino in the comfort of everyone’s home!

Singapore online Casino is lively, energetic, and full of energy! It is one of the best experiences you will get when you are trying to win it all! IF you think lady luck is at your side, go ahead and check out some of the best live casino Singapore online!

An online casino in Singapore is still a fairly new concept to people in a small country like Singapore, even as casinos are becoming more widespread on the Internet. More Singaporeans are accustomed to traditional brick and mortar casinos, which this nation has plenty of. But live casinos are an excellent way to continue this tradition, and give them a convenience they have never imagined before. BetVision88 can offer this to any person gambling online, and they can be on top of their game while doing so.



Here at BetVision88, we will take about the different types of online casinos and the high-stakes that they offer, which had made them a hit in Singapore.

Prominent brick and mortar casinos include the Marina Bay Sands is one of the premiere casinos in SG and one that Singaporeans love to go to. Another is the Resorts World Sentosa, which itself has a separate poker playing room. Cruise ships with casino are also options for Singaporeans to gamble in, and they dock at strategic locations to avoid strict gambling laws and offer lower betting rates to gamblers. However, travelling to these SG hotspots still requires a considerable amount of effort.

In addition, recent events have made travel uncertain. So many people, including Singaporeans, have had to settle to doubling up on their money through online venues such as live casinos.

Online Casino in Singapore – What You Need to Know

Online casinos in Singapore are not something new. In fact, they have been around even during the pre-pandemic days. Results are powered through Random Number Generator (RNG) technology.

On the other hand, live casinos give you the luxury of gambling right in your own home, or anywhere you desire.

An added advantage of playing online is that Singapore doesn’t have a hosting centre for the major sites. That is why there is no need to rely on the gambling commission where the site is based.

Difference Between Live Casino and Online Casino

When it comes to online gambling for real money, there are specific differences between online casinos and live casinos. We look into this with greater detail:

An online casino in Singapore is an older version of the gambling experience. Artificial intelligence calculates the combinations available to you.

With a Live Casino, you deal with actual human beings. You still have the human element around you. With the atmosphere of a brick-and-mortar gambling place, you feel confident in taking on your opponents.

Facts About Live Casinos and Online Betting in SG:

Whether you’re into sports, or more of a casino betting guy, there’s a plethora of things to choose from when you’re online. Now that you’ve gotten an idea about online gambling in SG, let’s go into some aspects of this thriving scene:

Players can interact with dealer using OCR software

A live dealer can shuffle cards in real time, with players following the whole action. Optical character recognition is used to recognize the dealt cards. The card data is translated nad given by the player through code.

A person who is online can reach live casino support through live chat option

Anytime you have a question during the game, you can go to the live dealer and get the response. Unlike other casino games, live casino has immediate interaction.

It takes a lot of money to run a live casino

Main live casino in Singapore expenses include employee salary, equipment and game tables. The massive costs make online gambling a limited offer.

Live dealer choice is based on personality and appearance

Dealers are required to pay attention to personal dress code and interaction with other players. The dealers preferably need to be sophisticated in their demeanor, and be highly professional.

Concerns of Security of Online Live Casinos

While playing casinos online are enticing, one must be mindful of the security a site has. Some developers have used sites as fronts for scamming people and ripping them off of their money. Those with no prior knowledge of such sites can easily be tricked. Moreover, they can steal your details and could lead to identity theft activities. That is why players must double check if they are playing at a protected site with a proper gateway.

Providers and Varieties of Games Available on Singapore Online Live Casinos

An online live casino in SG has games gamblers and players are familiar with. They are delivered via live video feed with a dealer. There are so many that you could play, giving you more chances to win money all the time!

Two noteworthy providers of games for online gambling in Singapore include Evolution Gaming and Asia Gaming. Apart from being well-established names, their products specifically cater to Asians, including SG nationals and nearby nations like Malaysia and Thailand. Apart from casino and slot games, websites with these providers also facilitate online betting with sports.

Can you really win money on online casinos?

A handful of Singaporeans think that since gambling is online, you could not get the money you are playing for. In reality, however, online casinos are linked to banks on the Internet, so real money is at stake here. There are easy instructions to load money and get them ready for online gambling; this is why it is a highly lucrative industry.

What Games are there in a Singapore Online Live Casino?

Like your traditional online casino, Singapore Live Casino consists of the well-known casino games that everybody knows and love! What are some of these games? Well, we have blackjack, a game wherein players reach the total of 21 without going over. Baccarat, a card game based on luck where players bet on the player, banker, or tie! There is also the ever popular dice game where players guess what combination will appear in the dealt roll, and many more! All of these are delivered on a live video feed with a dealer! You have to experience the game firsthand to know and enjoy it completely! Don’t forget that there are many, many options available for the player to choose from! There is also Fan-tan, Roulette, even Bull-bull! All of these, and more, at the comfort of your own home!

Where to play live casino online Singapore?

Many options around the internet can be found. But many are not certain on what or where they should play their beloved games. Some live casino online Singapore pretends to be legitimate but they are not. Ensure the legitimacy of the website you are playing with! Check online reviews, Active social media channels and several more areas to consider before getting started on your online live casino journey!

Singapore Online Live Casino, The Good, The Bad, The Great.

As said earlier, there are many illegitimate online casinos out there. From websites that scam your money, to others that try to get your details! You need to be careful on these matters as they will be part of your online gaming experience!

Singapore online live casino by BetVision88 offers the best in the business! From engaging Singapore online live casino action, up to different games, the level of security and trust that BetVision88 gives is beyond what is needed. It’s all for higher player and member satisfaction

What to do in live casino games Singapore?

Essentially, Live casino games Singapore are part of the daily life of Singaporeans! They are available online, and easy to access! Just remember to take note of what we said earlier about legitimacy of the website! Now, what are the things we can do in online live casino games? Of course you need to play games! Now that we know that we have games to play, what vendors or providers should we select?

There are many different providers to choose from live casino games Singapore! There is Evolution Gaming, a well-rounded provider that has years of experience in giving players the highest level of live casino games! There is also Asia Gaming, one of the front runners of giving high quality service to players around the globe! There are many providers to choose from! You just have to select one that would fit your liking and get ready for a long session to big winnings!

Online Casino or Live Casino in Singapore?

A lot of Singaporeans are also wondering what is the difference between the two types of games. There is a big difference between the two. Primarily, the difference is the interaction, or the people or systems you play with.

Online Casino Singapore has been around since the dawn of the internet. This is essentially an A.I. powered dealing system. What does this mean? If it is activated by A.I., it is then on controlled by a computer. Games within this style of casino is powered by RNG (Random Number Generator). We all know that card games, or all types of gamble involves some kind of odd or chance, RNG is essentially the same thing. It takes out the core elements and chances of a specific combination to appear, and calculates it among the current dealt combinations at hand.

Now when we say Live Casino Singapore, this is a different ball game to the Online Casino! A Live Casino in Singapore offers more than what meets the eye! From a high level of quality gameplay, to endless possibilities of combinations, a Live Casino trumps over a computer any day! You are actually dealing with a person, a real life human being! We all know how it feels like to play in an environment where there is no human element, it is not as fun when you are playing with a person after all. A live casino brings in the same feeling as if you are in a traditional brick and mortar casino. All of these fun experiences within the comfort of your own home.

What are good examples of live casino games in Singapore?

Now that we are aware of the live casino games available for players, let’s take a deeper dive into the games you will encounter in a live casino.

– Baccarat Live Casino – This is a game between a banker and a player. The aim in this game is to get as close to number 9 as possible. There are more rules, which are understandably integral to the game. Side bets are also available to make them more interesting to players. This game holds you in total suspense, as you wait the unfolding of the next card, hoping that you could win it all!

– Sic-Bo Live Casino – This is a game primarily based on luck. There are 3 dice in the game, and players will bet on the combination that comes out. Not only do you get total numbers; you also have options to win multiple times the bet. You also have to guess whether the dice will show up 3 on all, or have odd and even combinations. Betting options are also made specifically for the player.

– Roulette – This game involves a spinning table and a ball. Once bets are in, the dealers will spin the table and the ball, and a specific number will show up in the field. You can choose from red or black, odd or even and other areas available.

– Fan-Tan – In this game, instead of cards and dice, dealers shuffle a bead, shell or button. They then get a portion of what was shuffled, and then the dealers will start betting. The winning number will be paid depending on what was dealt.

– Blackjack – This is a game that involves pure strategy. Your goal here is winning against the dealers getting a combination close to 21. Experts at this game have immense thinking skills. While the premise makes it sound easy, strategy is needed to be able to ace this game.

What to do in Casino Singapore Live?

The most important thing that people forget when they play is to enjoy! You need to enjoy your game! From the simplest of winnings to the most extravagant, casinos in Singapore live in the moment! You need to relax and take a breather every once in a while! All of these games are just here waiting for you! You just need to remember, Live Casino in Singapore is accessible, available, and just here for players and members all the time! Remember to take in the moment, and win it all! Know more and stay hungry for live casino games in Singapore are here for the taking!

How to play online casino in Singapore

Many people are looking for different ways on how to play online casino in Singapore. With abundant choices around the country, people are searching for the ones that would give them the best value for money option. Of course, this comes hand in hand with the different options and games that are offered. For example, baccarat is one of the most well-known games that these online casinos have! That is why many of these are catered towards making the best experience possible for players. Let’s take a quick look at the things that we think are the most essential when looking for ways on how to play online casino in Singapore.

Security – Information is crucial when doing transactions such as online gambling. With many people trying to take advantage of new users, we can expect that most of the time, this aspect is often overlooked. If we are looking for a trusted online casino, we should make sure that we are trying to check out all aspects of their business. Check testimonies and check the amount of security as well as the legitimacy of their chosen online casino.

The Options – When it comes to the different array of options, many online gambling sites would state what they have to offer in terms of the games that they have. These can range from traditional tabletop games, card games, and new takes on old classics. A great online gaming casino can surely offer many from one up to many patrons, all at the same time.

Promotions – A good online casino is always looking forward to providing the extra mile to its players, may they be new or old. A quick word of advice, the promotion feels or looks too good to be true, the chances of it being fake, is high! Remember to keep the vigilance, and always keep others in check as well!

Those are some of our tips when playing in an online casino! Remember to follow us for more tips and tricks!

What Makes Online Casinos Safe and Secure?

Having an online casino should undergo many characteristics before you determine if it is fit for you. To check if a live casino adheres to

Any credible casino should have correct licensing from a good organisation. This will guarantees rights for you.

Regular Auditing
A third party checks on the casino, and examines carefully how the casino treats players and player funds.

Technical Security
This characteristic encompasses both data protection and preventing of fraud.

SHA-3 Hash Algorithm
A random number generator should make use of am SHA-3 hash algorithm to prevent tampering. All the trusted online casinos have this algorithm, and it is tested properly.

Hybrid RSA Encryption
This process is used to ensure that every transaction will be a safe one. It makes it impossible for

The software should come from well-regarded and great software providers. All games also have to be tested for fairness by designated organisations.

Deposits and Withdrawals
Deposits and withdrawals have to be secure and need to undergo SSL encryption technology. No trusted online casino has to share your data with online parties.

Casino sites that have ownerships that have to be well-respected in the industry. A genuine top online casino should have years behind it.

No Annoying Pop Up Ads
If you go to a casino site that has frequent pop-up ads, chances are it would be a scam. You should choose the website that

BetVision88 is Your Trusted Online Casino for Online Gambling!

With so many casino sites around, it can be hard to decide where to play, and where to entrust your gaming money. Security alone isn’t enough, as you need to play in a casino that has a long reputation of being one of the more established institutions in the world.

BetVision88 is one such company. It offers sports-betting and casino games, so that people can enjoy competing in their own homes. Started in Europe, BetVision88 has come over to Asia and has made Singaporeans interested in gambling and playing the stakes.

Furthermore, it has brand ambassadors that are well reputed around the world, such as 2021 BetVision88 Brand Ambassador Emile Heskey, Premier League veteran and part of the international England men’s football team. Plus, you can get seasonal promotions on here. Lastly, its easy- to-use interface is very enticing for any gambler or first-time player.

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