Understanding Types Of Basketball Bets

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Have you been engaging in basketball betting at BetVisionSG; and you want to take your chance of placing different types of basketball bets?

If you’re looking for an adrenaline shot other than the usual moneyline and point-spread bets at the NBA, you can go for advanced betting options for the sport. These bets go beyond the basic outcome of the game but rather can transform you from a passive observer and regular bettor into a strategic analyst and advanced bettor.

Additionally, the various types of basketball bets available at BetVisionSG sports betting sites allow you to leverage your knowledge about the teams, the players, and even specific game situations.

Half & Quarter Basketball Bet

With this type of basketball bet, you can elevate your betting strategy rather than dealing with the usual “who wins the entire game” types of bet. This bet also allows targeted predictions on the different parts of the game as it happens.

Do you want to place bets on the team whose getting ahead in the first quarter? Or, maybe you have noticed a trend while watching the game live and you see that one team is consistently dominating the third quarter.

Half and quarter basketball bets also allow you to place bets on the quarter or half results instead of the whole game. BetVisionSG Betting Singapore usually has different moneylines, totals, and handicaps for the quarter or half-time result. Then, you can utilize these insights and place your bets accordingly.

Multiples Or Accumulators

Also known as ACCAs, this type of basketball bet allows you to maximize your returns. You can do this by combining picks from different games into one single bet. However, do take note that you only win big if all your selections are correct, but one wrong pick and your entire bet are considered lost.

The beauty of this type of basketball bet is that each winning leg acts as a multiplier. Then, it will progressively increase the odds and the possible return of your initial stake.

But then again, do approach the ACCAs bet carefully because you’ll lose your entire bet if one leg is unsuccessful. In addition, you must possess a strong understanding of basketball statistics, recent team performance, and potential game-day influences before constructing your accumulator bet.

Teaser Bets

Teasers are similar to Multiple bets or parlay bets, but this one has fixed odds for each teaser. In addition, you have the advantage of adjusting the point spread. Here, you can add points to the underdog or subtract points from the favorite depending on your prediction of the likely outcome. 

For this basketball bet to win, all your selected teams must also win. Just like the ACCAs, if one team loses, your entire bet also loses.


If you’re after long-term value propositions, then basketball futures are perfect for you. Here, you’re not placing bets on the match, but rather, you can place bets on a team’s chance of winning the conference in advance.

The beauty of placing basketball futures at BetVisionSG Betting Singapore is that the odds are locked in throughout the entire season. Unlock with the common types of bets, their odds can fluctuate depending on the team’s performance. 

This gives you a potential advantage if you know how to identify undervalued teams early on. But then again, betting on who will win a championship before a season starts can be smart because the odds are usually better. However, there are cases that teams perform better during the season which can greatly affect their odds of winning. Unfortunately, your odds stay the same as when you placed the bet.

Final Say

So there you have it, the advanced type of basketball bet that you can place at BetVisionSG sports betting site. If you want to be successful in betting on basketball and aiming to spot good opportunities, you should understand the different betting types available for this sport. Ready to place your bets and dunk in your winnings – visit BetVisionSG Betting Singapore today!


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