Understanding The Types And Variants Of Online Poker For Those Who Want To Play In BetVision88

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betvision88 singapore online casino

Poker games will always be a part of the gambling history and will remain a top favorite pastime of millions of players worldwide. And, we would be surprised if you also want to get into the game and try your luck at BetVision88 Casino Singapore.

However, you might be surprised to find out that there are many different variants of the game available online, and each of them has its own unique rules. So, before you start playing the classics Texas Hold’em, or the newer versions like Short Deck, you can read our ultimate guide on how to play online poker. Let’s get you ready to expand your poker knowledge. 

Texas Hold’em (Community Card Poker)

Let’s start our list with the most popular type of poker game – Texas Hold’em. Because of its simplicity, this game has always been the hallmark of poker games for many casino players. Since you don’t need a high degree of skills, many players choose this poker variant at BetVision88 Casino Singapore.

In this game, you’ll be dealt with two cards facing down and share 5 community cards. Your goal here is to create the best and strongest five-card hand through your hole card with communal cards. Additionally, there are four rounds in this game:

  • Pre-flop
  • Flop
  • Turn
  • River

During this round, you have the power to raise, call, or fold at any time. And for you to come up as a winner, you need to hone your skills and learn the perfect time of knowing when to hold ’em… when to fold’em your cards, just like “The Gambler” song by Kenny Rogers.


Omaha is probably one of the second most-loved poker games played at BetVision88 Singapore Online Casino. This game somehow closely mirrors Texas Hold’em, the only difference is that each player receives 4 hole cards instead of only 2. Hand rankings are also exactly the same, whereas you need to have the strongest possible hand to win. Omaha is a relatively fast-paced game as well as a high-stakes game with enormous pots. So, if you only want a quick gaming session at BetVision88 SG, this one’s for you.

Additionally, there are also different forms of Omaha-Pot-Limit Omaha (PLO) and Omaha Hi-Lo. These two variants also have their own set of betting structures and hand-ranking rules.

Seven Card Stud

This is yet another classic variant that retains its charm to draw the attention of many online players of BetVision88 SG. Omaha and Hold’em are using communal cards, right? Well, in Seven Card Stud, this is one major difference, you will be dealt two cards facing down and five cards facing up. But still, you need to form the strongest five-card hand to become a winner.

Seven Card Stud is also the opposite of Omaha because this game is known for its slower pace. Why? Well, simply because the players of Seven Card Stud are focused on their hand-reading skills. That’s why if you are more of a player who loves strategic gameplay, this one’s for you.

Six-Plus Hold’em (Short Deck)

Popularly called Short Deck, is a Texas Hold’em variant played with a stripped-down deck and has a unique gameplay. Here, all cards below six are removed. Therefore, you’ll only be playing a 36-card deck instead of the standard 52-deck of cards. Due to that, the hand rankings for this poker variant will slightly change. But don’t be saddened by this because of the reduced size of the deck, it increases the action instead. Aside from that, you can look forward to winning those larger pots and more frequent winnings. This is also one main reason why BetVision88 SG with a medium-high bankroll prefers to play this game.

Play Online Poker Games At BetVision88 SG

These are only some of the best poker games you can play at BetVision88 Singapore Online Casino and there are still many to explore. Razz, Fast-Fold Poker, Spin & Go, Horse Poker, 8-Game Poker, and Heads-Up Poker are also among the hot games played by many. So, if you are ready to explore them, go ahead and sign up for an account at BetVision88 Singapore Online Casino today!


How Many Online Poker Variations Can I Play At BetVision88 SG?

More than a hundred! You shouldn’t be surprised by this number since poker is a very versatile game. So, top game providers will always find an opportunity to develop newer versions as the years go by.

What Is The Easiest Poker Game To Play?

Well, the easiest game to play will depend on your familiarity and experience in playing the specific poker variant. The 5-Card Draw is ideal for newbies due to its easy gameplay while some find Texas Hold’em easier to play. Why not take the chance to explore each game by playing their demo mode? By doing this, you’ll find the one that suits your skill level, betting style, and budget.