Ultimate Guide To Playing Online Poker Here In BetVision88

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Betvision88 casino Singapore

Although poker games entered the online casino industry much later, this classic card game still manages to become incredibly popular worldwide. Well, it comes as no surprise because its appeal is very evident since the game demands both skills and strategy. By successfully bluffing your opponents with a weak hand, you can achieve victory at BetVision88 Casino Singapore.

Getting Started

With platforms like BetVision88 Casino Singapore, you can play online poker with live dealers and enjoy the same authentic experience offered by physical casinos. Here’s how to help you get started with BetVision88 Online Casino:

  • Register for an account at BetVision88 Casino Singapore.
  • Make deposits via local bank transfers, PayNow, USDT, or other methods.
  • Navigate to the live casino section of BetVision88 Online Casino and choose a provider where you want to play poker. You can try playing the demo mode of Omaha Hi, Texas Hold’em, Five-card draw, and many other variants before wagering for real money.

The Basic Hand Rankings In Poker

Before you get started with the basics, you need to first familiarize yourself with the basic hand ranking of this game. 

Best Poker Hands

While trying the demo games, you can familiarize the poker hand rankings, too.

  • Royal Flush – This is the strongest hand in poker and it consists of five consecutive cards, all of the same suit. (10♥-J♥-Q♥-K♥-A♥)
  • Straight Flush – This poker hand consists of any five cards of sequential value, all of the same suit. (9♠-8♠-7♠-6♠-5♠)
  • Four Of A Kind – This poker hand consists of four of the same card in the four suits and to complete the five-card, you can include the highest card in your hand. (9♣-9♠-9♦-9♥-J♥)
  • Full House – This poker hand consists of three of a kind a pair. (8♠-8♦-8♥-7♦-7♣)
  • Flush – This poker hand consists of five cards all of the same suit and doesn’t matter the sequential rank. (K♣-10♣-7♣-6♣-4♣)
  • Straight – This poker hand is made up of five cards of sequential rank, not all of the same suit. (7♣-6♠-5♠-4♥-3♥)
  • Three Of A Kind – This poker hand is made up of three cards of one rank and two other cards. (6♥-6♦-6♠-Q♣-4♠)
  • Two Pair – This poker hand is made up of two pairs of cards with the same rank, and one card of a third rank (10♦-10♠-2♠-2♣-K♣)
  • One Pair – This poker hand is made up of two cards of the same rank and three other cards of other ranks. (4♥-4♠-K♠-10♦-5♠)
  • High Card – This poker hand has no pair or simply nothing, in short, it refers to whatever your highest card is in your hand. (K♥-J♥-8♣-7♦-4♠)

See? Memorizing the poker hand ranking is not really hard, all you need to do is always practice yourself from playing or you can write them out.

At The Virtual Table: Knowing The Poker Table Positions

Before you start playing at BetVision88 SG Casino, take time to familiarize yourself with the table position as it may give you both advantages and disadvantages. Your position at BetVision88 Casino Singapore will vary depending on where the buttons and blinds are.

  • Big Blind – seat #1
  • Small Blind – seat #2
  • The Button – seat #3
  • The Cutoff – seat #4
  • The Hijack – seat #5
  • The Lojack – seat #6
  • Early Position – seat #7
  • UTG+1 – seat #8
  • UTG – seat #9

How To Play Poker: The Standard Procedure

No matter what type of online poker game you want to play at BetVision88 Casino Singapore, here are the standard procedures that you must follow:

  1. You will be dealt with two cards facing down. The first betting round on online poker will then start.
  2. Afterwards, the dealer will deal with three community cards (The Flop). Then, the second round of betting on online poker kicks off. 
  3. Following that, the dealer will again deal with the fourth card. (The Turn). Then, the third round of betting will begin.
  4. After the betting is done, the dealer will deal the fifth card. This fifth card will be the final card and is often called the RIVER.
  5. Following that, the final round of betting begins. And if there is more than one participant in the pot, the player’s hand will be revealed to know who got the winning hand.

As you familiarize yourself with the basics, you may also want to check out the evolution of online poker and discover how they come a long way since it first started.

Final Say

Now that you know the basics of how to play poker online, you can now head on to BetVision88 Casino Singapore. BetVision88 Online Casino is mobile-optimized and is conveniently accessible whenever your poker mood strikes.


Can I Play Poker At BetVision88 Casino Singapore?

Yes, of course. Truth is, you can play a wide variety of online poker games at BetVision88 SG Casino, even the live dealer games. From Video poker, Texas Hold’em, Pai Gow, Caribbean Stud, Omaha, or Stud Poker, name it, and BetVision88 Online Casino has it.

Is Online Poker Games More About Skills Or Luck?

We can say that online poker game is a combination of both. Your poker skills matter most although luck also plays an important role in the game. After all, the best poker players did not reach that status by just being lucky, in fact, they are knowledgeable about the game.

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