How To Play Texas Holdem Poker: A Step-By-Step Guide To BetVision88’s No 1 Poker Game

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Haven’t tried playing poker games? Well, if you’re a complete beginner of the game, then BetVision88 SG would recommend you start with Texas Holdem. Aside from being the most popular form of poker, learning how to play Texas Holdem is a piece of cake. Not to mention that, once you have a good understanding of how the game works, learning the other poker variants will be easier to understand since they’re all works quite the same.

Before we proceed, we suggest you take a look at how to get started with online poker with our brief overview of the basics that underpin each kind of poker.

Understanding The Basics Of Texas Hold’em Poker

In this no. 1 poker variant at BetVision88 Online Casino, your main goal is to make strategic betting decisions so that you’ll be able to maximize your winnings over numerous hands.

In each hand, you need to make the best and strongest 5-card hand as much as possible using your 2-hole cards and 5-community cards. Ultimately, your only goal in this game is to win the pot which is the total of all bets placed on that hand.

Here, you’ll make bets depending on how good you think your hand is when compared to your rival’s hands. On the other hand, you can also try to trick your rivals by bluffing even if your hand isn’t necessarily a strong hand to start with. Doing so, your opponents may think you have a strong hand and cause them to fold their hands.

There can be a winner that can win the pot at any point in the game if all players except one choose to fold. That means that you don’t have to play a hand until the final round of betting.

Betting Options For Texas Hold’em Poker Online

  • Raise – During the same round of betting, you’re increasing the size of your initial bet.
  • Call – You’re matching the amount of bet or raise of another Hold’em player
  • Fold – You’re discarding your hand and losing the pot that is currently in play.
  • Check – You’re placing no bet. Here, you have the option not to check on the first round of betting because you may either RAISE the big blind or FOLD.
  • All-in – When you don’t have enough chips to match a bet, you can opt to all-in. Here, you are putting all your remaining chips in the line. Then, any further betting will take place in a side pot. During a showdown, the all-in player can only win the chips that were in the pot when they made the all-in move.

Step-By-Step Guide To Hold’em

If you’re playing at BetVision88 Casino Online Singapore, Texas Hold’em Poker is generally played out like this:

  1. To start the game of Hold’em poker online, two players will first contribute to the pot by placing the big and small blinds (these are mandatory bets). The player on the left side of the dealer is the small blind (L1), while the player to their left is the big blind (L2). In the big blind, the L2 player usually doubles the bet amount of the small blind.
  2. Following that, all Hold’em players will receive their two-hole cards. Then, the game starts with the player sitting to the left of the big blind. He can either fold, call the minimum bet, or raise. Additionally, this player can also “check” and still stay in the game. On the other hand, you cannot check if the player before you has already “raised” or “called“.
  3. Once the first player takes their turn, the game continues in a clockwise direction going to the big blind. 
  4. If at least two players remain in the game after the first round of betting, the dealers will deal 3 community cards (popularly known as the flop) in the middle of the table. This also marks the end of the pre-flop betting round. If at least 2 players meet the minimum bet after the flop, then another round of betting will proceed.
  5. In the following betting round, the dealer will deal the 4th community card (popularly known as the turn). When at least two players meet the minimum bet required on this round, then the final round will happen.
  6. In this final betting round, players will be dealt with their 5th community card (popularly known as the river).
  7. Then, a showdown will happen when at least two players meet the minimum bet needed for this round. In this round, all the remaining players will reveal their cards. This is also the round, where the winner with the highest-ranked hand will be determined. Then, he/she will scoop the pot and take home all the money wagered over the betting rounds.

Play Live Texas Hold’em Poker At BetVision88 Casino Online Singapore

Now, that you know how to play hold’em, you’re one step ahead in your poker betting journey at BetVision88 Casino Online. Remember, you must first familiarize yourself with Hold’em’s hand ranking, so you can strategize your move. If you already know’em, then start holding ’em and visit BetVision88 Casino Online Singapore today!


Can I Play Texas Hold’em Poker At BetVision88 SG For Free?

Definitely, yes, you can. In fact, BetVision88 Casino Online Singapore highly recommends you try out playing the game in demo mode if you’re just starting out learning the game.

What Exactly Is The Side Pot In The Hold’em?

It refers to the extra money that is formed when one or more players go all-in. When one player goes all-in, only the players who continue betting after the all-in move have the chance to win the side pot.