Understanding The Anatomy Of Paylines In Slots

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If you’ve been reading articles about slot games here at BetVisionSG, then you most probably come across details about the paylines of slot machines. But what exactly are they and how they can impact your gameplay when playing BetVisionSG slots?

Essentially, paylines are the winning pathways on a slot machine and when the matching symbols land on these active paylines, you can win. But here’s a catch: the number of paylines on a slot can vary depending on the slot game you’re playing – it doesn’t matter whether you’re playing real slots vs online slots.

So, join us today as we explore how the number of paylines affects your bet size, winning potential, and overall gameplay experience here at BetVisionSG Casino Singapore.

So What Exactly Are Paylines In A Slot Game?

To help you easily understand the paylines at BetVisionSG slots, you can think of paylines as a pattern in the reels of a slot game. A classic slot machine typically has 3 to 6 reels and these paylines are the patterns where the symbols need to land together to make you a winner.

Paylines are usually in straight lines, diagonal lines, up and down, and even in crazy zig-zag patterns. Usually, you can find these paylines by checking the game’s info section (paytable). On the other hand, you can find the paylines of classic slots when you hover your mouse on the numbers next to the reels. Then, it’ll show you the exact path where each line takes.

To win in BetVisionSG slots, you need to land the slot symbols on a payline. So, even if you get three of the same symbol on different reels, but not on a winning line, you usually won’t win, not unless you’re playing the new slot with multiline. But with classic slot machines, they usually just have one line in the middle. Additionally, you won’t win even if you land matching symbols on the top line or bottom line of the reels.

Adjustable Paylines

At BetVisionSG Online Casino, you can play classic slot machines with adjustable paylines. Here, you can strategically choose the number of lines that you can activate. This is very beneficial to you if you are conscious of your budget. With per-line wagering, you can bet as low as $0.01 on a single line, for a minimum bet of $0.01 total bet. As such, when you activate all 20 paylines with the same $0.01 bet, you need to increase your total wager to $0.20. The good thing with this is that you also increase your chance of creating winning combinations by up to 20x.

Simply put: the more you activate paylines, the greater your chances of potentially winning symbol positions. However, do take note that your ability to adjust the number of paylines is becoming rare these days because modern video slots available at BetVisionSG Online Casino usually have a fixed number of paylines.

Fixed Paylines

As we’ve mentioned earlier, modern slots tend to ditch adjustable paylines that you usually enjoy in classic slots. Instead, modern slots now come with a fixed number of lines and they typically range from 9 up to 50 paylines. Additionally, these games have a set bet per line. That means you’ll be looking at minimum spins costing anywhere from $0.09 to $0.50. 

But wait there’s more because BetVisionSG slots also come with 243 or 1024 paylines, too. However, do take note that these multi-line slot machines won’t let you spin a reel with a small bet per line like $0.01. Rather, you’ll likely be playing all those lines at once. Therefore, your total bet for multi-line slot games can range from $0.30 to $0.50 per spin. That being said, you need to prepare a bigger budget when you go play those slot games with tons of lines.

However, do take note that some of these high-paying slots might have a lower RTP. That means you win less often in the long run. They might also throw in more symbols on the reels, making it a little tougher to land those winning combinations.

Final Say

Some classic BetVisionSG Slot wins usually pay left-to-right on paylines while modern games pay both ways! If you don’t win with a good symbol combo, it likely misses a payline. Additionally, you should make it a habit to always check the paytable (in-game) for line details, wins, and bonuses to play smart. So, are you ready to adjust your active paylines here at BetVisionSG Online Casino? If so, sign up for an account at BetVisionSG today and take advantage of our exclusive promotions and special offers. You’ll never, but maybe you are our next lucky slot winner to win the huge jackpot prizes!


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